Evolution-180 ANALYZER

Category: Fully Auto. Product: BioChemistry

Product Description

• Small size, easy to carry.
• Rapid warming, temperature stability.
• Less water consumption.
• Monochromatic light cold light detection, long life.
• Reagent plate can be taken out of the whole plate.
• Convenient and quick.
• Reagent plate cooling mode.
• The effective preservation of reagents.
• Intelligent precision, precise and efficent.


Technical Specification

★ Analysis Method: End point, Fixed time, Dynamic method Colorimetricand Turbidimetry.
★ Instrument Type: Random access
★ Light Source: LED Light Source Monochromatic light
★ Wavelengths: 340 - 630 (6 wavelengths)Two more option.
★ Test Speed: 180 T/H
★ Calibration: Linear / non linear multi - point calibration.
★ Software: Windows environment to run, the system easy to operate
★ Temperature of Cuvette: 37 +/- 0.1 °C